I am an assistant professor of philosophy at Rutgers University-Newark. I completed my PhD at New York University, and before that, I studied philosophy at the University of Bucharest. I was born and raised in Brăila, a small city in eastern Romania.

I work primarily in ethics, metaethics, and moral psychology. I am also interested in theories of personal identity and the self, especially as they relate to various ethical problems.

See Research for more information about my projects. My CV is available here.

Email: camil [dot] golub [at] rutgers [dot] edu


Recent and upcoming talks

Making peace with moral imperfection: the problem of temporal asymmetry

  • Working Papers in Ethics and Moral Psychology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, May 2018
  • The 13th Conference of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy, Novara, September 2018

A defense of minimal normative realism

  • OZSW Metaethics Workshop, University of Groningen, September 2018